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The Wealthy Code is the story about how a very wealthy man (my personal mentor) took me aside one day and shared with me some amazing “insider secrets of the rich” that totally changed my life.

During a short (but impactful) 90 minute conversation, my mentor outlined for me very practical secrets and a roadmap for becoming WEALTHY.  And now it’s my mission to pass this life-changing information on to YOU.

The Wealthy Code pick’s up where Robert Kiyosaki’s book (Rich Dad Poor Dad) left off, and I give you a much more detailed approach to acquiring wealth.  My goal is to teach you exactly what the wealthy do to become wealthy.

Would you like to finally STOP struggling financially and kiss your money worries and stress goodbye once and for all? Are you ready to join the ranks of the wealthy, where you have enough passive income coming in to pay for all of your living expenses? Are you ready for the FREEDOM of time that being wealthy gives you?

If you answered a resounding YES to any of those questions, then this book was written just for you…

Here’s is just some of what I will share with you inside:

Praise from Others
About The
Wealthy Code..

“A masterpiece! The Wealthy Code continues where the others leave off!”
- Jim Britt, Peak Performance Coach, Author of Do This. Get Rich!

“I have read hundreds of books on becoming wealthy. This tops them all. Brilliant!”
- Willie Hooks, CEO of Million Dollar Coaching

“Absolutely amazing! I use the same secrets to generate double-digit returns for my investors. Now the secret is out!”
- John Taylor, CEO & Investment Manager, NorCal Capital Management

  • Practical steps to finally escaping the “Rat Race” where you are no longer trading hours for dollars…
  • How to create enough passive income to cover all of your expenses…
  • How to control, measure and build wealth.
  • The BIGGEST pitfall to be aware of with “traditional real estate investing” advice you’ve been given…
  • How to determine what are the BEST income producing assets to help you exit the rat race FASTEST…
  • Crucial traps to avoid when it comes to debt and calculating ROI…
  • How to structure deals to minimize risk…and MAXIMIZE CASH FLOW
  • How to choose the most efficient investment vehicle that is right FOR YOU…
  • And much more!

The Wealthy Code is not about real estate. It’s not about the stock market. It’s none of that. It boils down to a financing game.

Find an asset that generates cash flow; find a way to borrow against it using positive leverage; identify the volatility of the income and manage that risk; and, finally, structure the right down payment. Then move on to the next deal.

When you understand that, then you understand what it takes to build wealth and, equally important, what you need to do to stop wasting your time and money buying things you don’t need.  You will get all of this insider knowledge and more inside my book.

More Praise For The
Wealthy Code..

“5 out of 5 stars! Fantastic book – don’t miss this one!

“I just finished reading this book and wish I had read it years ago. Like everybody else, I’ve always wanted passive income, but have never really known how to get it. Some gurus say real estate, some say stocks, some say businesses… I’ve been so excited with this book because it teaches EXACTLY what is needed to know about building wealth without any of those investment strategies that the other gurus keep shouting about. The author explains the key things that wealthy people know about generating passive income. So whether you decide to use real estate, businesses, or whatever, the concepts apply to them all.
The author also discusses the specific things to watch out for, including how to lower risks and more on risk mitigation, something no other book I’ve read talks about.

I could keep on about the different things I learned in the book, but the bottom line is this: forget the others, this book is a MUST read for anyone who REALLY wants to become wealthy.”

This book has received tremendous feedback and is now a best-seller on Amazon because of the eye-opening information revealed inside.

And I know the wealth-building lessons it contains inside can change your financial life forever – just like they have changed mine.  All I ask is that you read the book completely – from cover to cover to get the most out of it.

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George Antone
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