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Real estate investors: how
you can use banking secrets
to become wealthy in 2013

My students and I have done it—you can too!

Dear investor,

Everyone wants passive income. Who doesn’t wish there were money automatically appearing in the mailbox every month?

I’ll cut to the chase…

I’ve figured out the simplest, most trouble-free way to generate passive income for yourself

Here’s the best part: banks have been doing it for hundreds of years—which is why they are the richest, most powerful companies in the world.

It’s also why my students have the highest success rate in the industry.

But why should you take time out of your day to read this website instead of the other 644 million websites you could be reading right now?

Why you should read this page NOW

This page is highly educational. I’ll show you:

  • What “wealthy” really means—and how YOU can become wealthy this year
  • How passive income works on the ground level
  • How you can use the banking business model to generate trouble-free passive income

Then I’m going to offer you the rest of the details in a digestible, practical format.

And I’m going to give you a Spring-time special offer that won’t last long. So if nothing else, scroll down and check out the offer while it’s good.

George AntoneGeorge Antone

Who am I?

My name is George Antone, and I am a successful investor, private money lender, and author of the best-selling book, The Wealthy Code. I’m also an active educator and founder of the world’s largest network of private lenders.

Enough of that. Here’s the truth…

I’m VERY serious about helping you become wealthy in 2013

That’s why I created this product. But before I get to that, let’s jump into the meat and potatoes of generating passive income this year.

To start with…

What does wealthy really mean?

When I was just getting into private lending years ago, my mentor told me “being wealthy is having enough passive income to cover your living expenses.”

For example, if your monthly expenses are $5,000 and you have $6,000 in passive income, you would be considered wealthy.

In other words, you could lounge around and do nothing and STILL be adding money to your savings account.

What wealthy is not

Being wealthy is not trading hours for dollars. When you are wealthy, your income is not determined by the amount of time you spend “working” every day.

Being wealthy is not living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about bills, debt, and working overtime on holidays.

The key to wealth is…passive income

When you’re generating passive income, money lands in your mailbox every month without your having to do anything. And when you’re making MORE passive income than your lifestyle requires, there is no more need to work.

You can take time off, go on vacation, and even build a second business.

My students and I will both tell you…passive income is the way to go!

Kiss the rat race goodbye!

With passive income, you can stop trading dollars for hours. You can finally break free from daily financial stress, fire your boss, and attain your dream lifestyle.

How do I know this? Because I did it.

And my students have done it. I can give you story after story of people whose lives were completely transformed—just by investing the time in learning what I have to share.

You CAN do it

As a real estate broker or investor, you have a huge advantage. Here it is…

The secret I’m about to share has been right in front of you the whole time.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen

It’s time to take notes.

Let’s get started…

What exactly is passive income?

Passive income is money that falls into your mailbox every single month. Without your having to do anything.

Do I have your attention? Good.

There are 12 requirements of passive income, but here are the top three:

  1. Your asset must be income-producing.
  2. You must be able to find someone who is willing to lend you the money to buy it
  3. The income must be larger than the loan payments and expenses of operating the asset

Bear with me

I have a new term for you: arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the difference between the income generated by the asset and the expenses incurred by the asset. These expenses can include loan payments, operating costs, and so on.

Here’s a rental real estate example:

Let’s say you’re collecting $1,000 in rent and paying $700 in loan payments. Your spread is $300. Of course, with rental real estate, you often have other expenses such as property taxes, clogged toilets, repairs, flaky renters, and…you see my point.

So in this example, your property is creating $300 in passive income.

Here’s where it gets interesting

I have a very important question for you, and I want you to give a very specific answer.

How much money would YOU need to be wealthy this year?

I want you to be specific. Estimate your living expenses and tack on a couple of thousand bucks for a rainy day.

Got a number?

Good. This is your passive income goal for 2013.

What would your life be like if you actually achieved that goal?

Let your imagination go wild for a minute.

Really think about what it would be like to have all of your monthly expenses covered by passive income…month after month…whether you work or not…

How would you feel?

Where would you go?

What would you do TODAY if you didn’t have to work or worry about your finances?

This dream is more possible than you think

I don’t know who you are, but I can tell you this…

This amazing dream IS possible.

Remember, this business model is not new:

  •   It’s based on cold, hard numbers
  •   It’s been insanely profitable for hundreds and hundreds of years
  •   I’ve done it successfully—and so have my students

Why the banking business model is WAY better than traditional real estate investing

As the lender, your life will be much easier. For instance, there will be:

  • NO learning complicated real estate investing techniques like wholesaling, short sales, REO’s, etc.
  • NO spending money on marketing for your properties
  • NO talking to sellers, realtors, buyers, and contractors
  • NO writing offers
  • NO dealing with tenants
  • NO repairing the property when things go wrong

As the banker, you make income without buying the property, doing the hard work, applying for a loan, managing the tenants, or using your credit or money.

In short, you’ll generate passive income without ANY of the hassles of actually owning the property.

See the difference?

As a real estate investor, you must purchase, prepare, and manage the property before you make a single cent.

As a banker, you lend money to the investor with interest—and sometimes even equity—and generate positive cashflow immediately.

On top of that:

  1. You leverage other people’s experience, time, AND money—not your own!
  2. You don’t have to deal with credit, mortgages, or all the hassles of owning rental properties (and if you have any experience with rental properties, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about)
  3. It doesn’t even take that long! My students take an average of just TWO hours to set up each passive income stream

Private lending is the most efficient way to generate passive cashflow

And that’s why banks have the biggest buildings…why they are the most powerful companies in the world…and why there seems to be a branch on every block down Main Street.

To sum up…

Private lending is

  • Very safe
  • Completely scalable
  • Extremely lucrative

Now, let’s talk about YOU

Hopefully by now you agree private lending is the way to go—and worth every bit of your time and effort. But there’s a lot between you and passive income.

Yes, passive income with private lending is well within your reach. But you’ll never see a cent of passive income unless you have an action plan.

To make this dream come true in your life, you need

  • A reliable source of information about the rules of the road in private lending
  • Access to the connections you need to make it all work
  • A step-by-step plan to make it happen FOR YOU

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I created…

The Banker’s Code (Exclusive one-time offer!)


In the spirit of Spring & new growth, I’m going to offer you my best-selling training program at a fraction of what everyone else pays.
Powerful 3-day hands-on training…

“The Banker’s Code” is my fast-track complete course to creating real passive income as a banker. I’ll take you behind the scenes in the lucrative world of becoming a private lender.

I’ll share my years of experience with you to help YOU become a banker.

…in your living room!

I recorded my 3-day LIVE training event so you can go through it at your own pace. You’ll also get all the workbooks, exercises, and bonus material the students receive.

The perks

In this program, you’ll learn

  • The step-by-step formula for private lending
  • How to attract more borrowers than you can handle
  • The simple secrets of “private lending magic” and how to get started with no money or credit
  • The “banker’s mindset” to build wealth just like the banks do
  • How to make high returns—securely!
  • How to secure funding from other people without having to apply for a loan
  • How to maximize your money by leveraging it 5, 10, and even 20 times over without anyone checking your financials

“The Banker’s Code” is very thorough and 100% proven.

Here are a few stories of people who bit the bullet and took The Banker’s Code…

“The Banker’s Code was the most valuable information I have received in the last 15 years. I wish I had access to you guys 15 years ago.

“In just 8 months of very active private lending focus – I’ve put together a pipeline of projected income exceeding $1,000,000.”

Terry S., Multi-Family Investor

Tom made over $100,000 within six months of the training!

“All I can say is I wish I had heard of the [The Bankers Code], and George & Gary years ago. Talk about lost opportunity cost! They have taken the material that typically only big banks know, [and] simplified it down to a very exciting and manageable process.

It’s obvious that [this] team has passion for this business. Anyone who has the drive & ambition along with The Banker’s Code system has all they need to be independently wealthy.”

Tom Braegelmann

“It’s been a year later now and the income that I’ve generated through this program allows for my wife to quit her job. In a year from now, I hope to quit mine as well…

“…I always thought that wealth and passive income could be achieved through stock options and real estate until I saw both of these vehicles plummet in today’s economy.

In January 2011, I took The Banker’s Code which changed my way of thinking forever. The lessons, tools, and techniques that were taught in this class enabled me to properly understand risk first which, in turn, is the proper way to build wealth and passive income.”

Wallace Wong, Part Time Private Lender


The price

I’ve sold thousands of these programs for $997.

But in the spirit of Spring and new beginnings…

I’ll give you the same exact program for just $99

Yes, for just $99, I’ll let you try the online program for 30 days.

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“The Banker’s Code” is more than an introduction. It’s more than a primer. It’s a complete course you’ll refer to again and again throughout your career.

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And last but not least, The Banker’s Code is the story of a brilliant scientist and thinker who shares with the author — and with you — incredible financial secrets passed down through generations. It’s a story that chronicles the most powerful wealth-building strategies known to man, lessons that are the basis of banking.

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Nothing to lose. EVERYTHING to gain.

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To your wealth!


George Antone, best-selling author of The Wealthy Code and The Banker’s Code


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